Rising Up with Yasmin Khan
Rising Up with Yasmin Khan
How to create a life that gives you meaning

How to create a life that gives you meaning

Navigating 'Second Adulthood' with Life Coach Fiona Buckland

Hi everyone!

This week I’m sharing an audio interview with Fiona Buckland, a renowned life coach and author of a brilliant new book Find Your Own Path - A Life Coach’s Guide to Changing your Life.

Fiona was approached by Penguin to write this book after being interviewed in the Guardian for this article A stunning second act! Meet the people who changed course in midlife – and loved it. It’s a really inspiring read, filled with stories of people who changed the course of their lives, be that by starting a teaching degree in their mid-30s, qualifying as a junior doctor in their 40s, becoming a barrister in their 50s, or starting an MA in songwriting in their 70s.

Fiona calls these transitions Second Adulthood - a time when we move from learning how to be successful, to wanting more meaning from our lives.

It feels particularly timely as the pandemic led to many people (myself included) re-evaluating many aspects of their lives. I’m noticing a common thread running through many conversations I’m having with people and organisations at the moment, about shifts in values and a desire to do things differently. Hopefully this conversation will help you do just that.

In the conversation, we discuss

  • What to do when you get that niggling feeling of dissatisfaction in your life

  • How what’s important to us can change over time and how to navigate these changing values

  • The difference between First Adulthood when we learn how to be successful in life and Second Adulthood when we want more meaning

  • How to boost our energy when we feel tired or depleted

  • Her top tips for cultivating resilience when contemplating change

I hope you enjoy the conversation. I found it very enriching and the exercises are very practical and useful too. You can connect with Fiona and read more of her work over www.fionabucklandcoaching.com

Have a listen and let me know what you think

Yasmin xx

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Episode notes

  1. Fiona Buckland is a life coach, passionate about helping people develop deeper, wiser leadership of themselves. She works with individuals and corporate clients to help them lead lives and organisations of greater purpose, connection and positive impact. She facilitates Guardian Masterclasses, as well as running her own courses and workshops and is on the faculty of The School of Life, a global organisation devoted to teaching people how to live a more fulfilled life. Her latest book Find Your Path: How to Create the Life You Really Want is published by Penguin and out now.

  2. The Hot Yoghurt and Spinach Soup we discuss is from my book Ripe Figs. If you want to try it here is a link to the recipe

  3. If you want to read up on some of Fiona’s references she mentions the following authors - Bill Plotkin, Richard Rohl, Paul Gilbert and Kristen Neff

  4. This episode was produced by Lina Prestwood at Scenery Studios

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